Nature, welcome back

Stylish softening
with endless variations.

Due to extreme weather conditions and the hardening of our cities, a revised approach to public infrastructure and urban planning is essential. COBEFA attaches importance to sustainability and aligns its product range accordingly with Deer grass pavers: stylish solutions for reducing hard surfaces with endless variation possibilities.

Since its establishment, COBEFA has maintained a broad perspective on the world with a focus on innovation. We are eager to explore opportunities to evolve our product range with the times.

As a reputable concrete producer, we can offer Deer grass pavers in different patterns that are unique in the market due to their strong reinforcement and exceptional designs. Thus, there is a suitable design for every concept, allowing for endless creativity. The perfect way to harmoniously combine functionality (more water permeability) and aesthetics (timeless patterns).

The advantages of
our grass pavers

Deer offers an efficient solution for an acute problem, in a creative way. For an architect it’s an innovative way of designing, with few limits.

More freedom in the design phase

Your creativity is your guide in realizing a concept. Deer’s patterns add value by offering countless possibilities for your design. You no longer have to stick to traditional options.

Various filling options

Decorative gravel, grass, tree bark, .... Depending on the project, you determine the filling and thus the appearance of the grass pavers.

Combination of functionality and aesthetics

Where grass pavers were previously used mainly for practical purposes, Deer harmoniously combines practicality and style. From now on, you can integrate a customized design into every project. A breath of fresh air for every architect.

Reinforced grass pavers

The Deer grass pavers from Cobefa are 125 cm long, 62.5 cm wide, and 12 cm thick, and are fully reinforced. Due to the combination of size and reinforcement, the loads are better distributed over the foundation and shift less quickly.



B I Crushing sand 0/7mm (for grass growth)

  • Crushed stone layer 2/5 or 2/7 mm
  • (for permeable applications)


  • BC 1: continuous crushed stone 0/20 I thickness: 10
  • BC 2: continuous crushed stone 0/20 I thickness: 15
  • BC 3: continuous crushed stone 0/20 I thickness: 20
  • or continuous crushed stone 0/40 (type 1 according to SB 250)
  • BC 4: continuous crushed stone 0/40 (type 1 according to SB 250) 25
  • BC 5: continuous crushed stone 0/40 (type 1 according to SB 250) I thickness: 30
  • BC 6: continuous crushed stone 0/40 (type 1 according to SB 250) I thickness: 35


Own grass clamp
for easy installation

For a simple and smooth installation, we have our own grass clamp at our disposal. Experience effortless installation with our custom designed clamp, ideal for our Deer grass tiles. For more information about clamp rental rates, please contact our team.

Download our instructions for use here.

Thanks to our partnership with our customers we have been able to plant this number of trees:


In collaboration with Go Forest, we promote sustainability by planting a tree after every completed project. These partnerships go beyond business successes and contribute to the restoration of our natural environment. Every successful contract with Deer means a practical step in the direction of greener and healthier ecosystems, with the support of Go Forest as an essential link in striving toward a more sustainable future.

More information

Discover our filler possibilities

Deer gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of filler materials so that you can realise each project according to your vision. Whether you like a natural touch, a timeless texture or a contemporary look, our grass paver effortlessly adapts to your preferences. Choose a suitable filler material such as gravel, pebbles, (artificial) grass, etc., yourself and play with your design.



Deer helps create a greener streetscape through the Flemish Green Deal Garden Streets

Transforming grey streets into green living streets: that is what the Flemish Government wants to achieve with the ‘Green Deal Garden Streets’ project. We are only too happy to do our bit.

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Organic wins the Red Dot Award!

Organic takes off to a flying start and clinches a prestigious award within a year!

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Deer grass pavers, a creative response to the Flemish Government’s ‘Blue Deal’

Drought and water scarcity are hot topics. The Flemish Government understands this well. Deer closely examines these themes and adapts its products accordingly to the maximum extent.

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Deer Organic: organic forms in contemporary architecture

City parks, residential neighbourhoods and public infrastructure need a sustainable approach that both improves aesthetics and increases functionality. Lily, Straight and Crosshatch, the three patterns of the Organic line, give natural shapes and water-permeable surfacing a prominent place in contemporary design.

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Deer Grid wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2024

For 70 years, iF DESIGN has been celebrating excellent design from all corners of the world. We are thrilled to announce that our Grid line has clinched an iF DESIGN AWARD at the 2024 award ceremony. An award that symbolizes innovation and strong design.

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Deer: designer water-permeable surfacing with endless variation options

Deer blurs the boundaries between paving and greenery and allows water to penetrate the soil. Our grass pavers strike a balance between paving and green, integrating uncompromising design, functionality and sustainability.

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