A progressive company concerned with sustainability

Evolving with the times is inevitable, but for the COBEFA team it’s also an enjoyable challenge. We’re known as an innovative SME that wants to keep growing in terms of knowledge, quality and product range. For us, developing concrete grass pavers is an obvious extension of our expertise. In addition, we attach special importance to developing our products with a minimal impact on people, the environment and society.

We therefore make every effort to adapt our production accordingly. We have a retention basin with a capacity of 2 million litres of rainwater that enables us to no longer use well water. Our continuing search for more environmentally-conscious solutions has now been translated into the Deer range.

Discover the advantages of our creative solutions

More freedom in the design phase

Your creativity is your guide in implementing a concept. The 4 motifs by Deer are an added value because they introduce countless possibilities for your design, so you are no longer limited to the standard options.

A motif and colour for every application

Expand your limits and play with the motifs by combining them in different orientations. Create the canvas on which you want to work yourself and choose from the 4 different colours we offer.

Combination of functionality and aesthetics

While grass pavers have formerly been used for practical purposes, Deer harmoniously unites the practical and the stylish aspect. From now on you can incorporate a customised design into every project. It’s a breath of fresh air for every architect.

Various possibilities for fillers

Decorative gravel, grass, tree bark, etc. Depending on the project, you yourself determine the filler, and so the look of the grass pavers.


Our philosophy

With Deer grass pavers we bring nature back to people. Our streetscape, the city, and the residential areas are primarily made of concrete. We believe this too can be different. Bringing concrete and nature into balance is a possibility too, and a necessity besides.

Urban areas are significantly more susceptible to flooding due to paving and building that hinder the natural infiltration of rainwater. Water-permeable paving reduces the risk of flooding by collecting rainwater and conducting it to soil layers where it can infiltrate. Deer grass pavers function as contemporary paving with a view to the future and combine functionality and aesthetics over the long term.