Deer: designer water-permeable surfacing with endless variation options


New ecological times bring with them new challenges, which in turn require innovation. Social developments give rise to issues that challenge our imagination to solve them. Deer owes its existence to imagination of this kind: an innovative, creative and urban story. A story of design, aesthetics and accessible greenery.

Driven by the experience of three generations in concrete production and by its constant pursuit of a more environmentally friendly production process, COBEFA is gradually moving in the direction of water-permeable surfacing. Because the demand is growing louder and louder: for more greenery and nature; for better water management; for more design options in which greenery plays the leading role.

Just as insistent as the demand for water-permeable solutions is the demand for an attractive-looking alternative. The formal options that engineers, architects and urban planners have been given for water-permeability have generally been rather limited. For too long, permeable surfaces have been seen as purely functional, which is why parking spaces, driveways, access roads and the like always seem to break with the design of the associated building or urban environment. Deer now gives architects and environmental planners the freedom to do more in terms of design in this context.

A line of new and high-quality grass pavers has been developed with Deer in 4 different motifs and colour variations. From sleek and brutalist forms to minimalist lines or subtly nuanced wave patterns, the design options for urban and residential projects are now limitless. With colours such as green, terracotta, urban grey and anthracite, you also have the choice to design in natural colours or go for something more industrial. Design for public spaces no longer knows any limits.

Excelling in quality
Based on core-reinforced concrete and with a previously unprecedented diversity of motifs and patterns, Deer combines two elements that offer every project both confidence and freedom. The confidence that the presence or passage of cars can be accommodated, and the freedom to choose a pattern that is pleasing underfoot for walkers. With filler material options ranging from grass to decorative gravel to grass clover, Deer allows you to make the outside part of a project completely your own. Nature, welcome back.

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