Frequently asked questions

What loads can a Deer element support?

Deer grass pavers, strengthened with reinforcement, are ideal for light traffic, parking spaces, fire lanes and widening of roads. The built-in reinforcement gives them extra strength compared to competing applications, so that they are suitable for occasional heavy traffic. For uses with regular heavy traffic, Deer elements can be extra reinforced on request.

What foundation and substrate is recommended for a Deer tile?

The resistance to traffic loads depends on the mechanical strength of the grass concrete tile, the strength of the underlying foundation and subsoil, and the care taken during installation. For more information on foundation and subsoil, please refer to the technical drawing in our brochure.

What fillers can a Deer grass paver have?

We leave the designer, architect, or client complete freedom in his/her choice of a filler. Commonly used fillers are gravel, pebbles, clover or grass, among others. These fillers are not delivered by Deer Concrete.

We recommend the use of a plant substrate for filling with grass or clover. For more information or purchase we’re happy to refer you to Terraviva.

Does a Deer element maintain its colour?

Our Deer grass pavers undergo a slight change in colour over time. The speed and degree of this change depend on various factors such as exposure to sunlight or shade, extreme weather conditions, pedestrian traffic and other environmental conditions. Over time the paver reveals its authentic shade, which is maintained for the rest of its lifespan.

How environmentally friendly is Deer?

Deer facilitates water infiltration and ensures enhanced stability. With our Deer grass pavers we respond to the needs of the future in terms of water permeability. Moreover, our efforts go beyond just product quality. For every purchase we make a payment to Go Forest for planting trees, so that we work together on a greener future.

What is the difference between percentage permeability and percentage grass opening?

The permeability is the percentage of surface of the openings relative to the gross surface area. The grass opening is the percentage of surface of the openings determined at 20 mm from the upper surface relative to gross surface area.

How are Deer grass pavers installed?

It is recommended that the elements be put in place with an appropriate grass paver clamp or stone clamp. These can always be rented from us per project. Due to their dimensions and weight the elements cannot be put in place manually. Download our manual: gebruikshandleiding_deer_nl-fr-du.pdf

How smooth/porous are Deer grass pavers?

Deer grass pavers have a rugged natural texture, and so are not completely smooth concrete elements. This maintains the purity of the concrete element and allows this characteristic to come to the fore.

What does a Deer paver cost?

To request prices and obtain additional information we invite you to fill in our contact form. Our team is ready to contact you as soon as possible to discuss your creative wishes.

Can the different Deer motifs be combined with each other?

The strength of Deer lies in the endless possibilities for variation. Unleash your creativity and give scope to your most exuberant imagination! Discover our motifs.