You can incorporate the Brutal motif entirely as you wish. You can opt for an aligned pattern, but the possibilities are numerous.

B1 Brutal Standard
B3 Brutal Border Length
B4 Brutal Border Width
B5 Brutal Border Corner L
B6 Brutal Border Corner R
B7 Brutal Transition
B8 Brutal Transition Border Width 1
B2 Brutal Speckled
B9 Brutal Transition Border Width 2
B10 Brutal Transition Corner L
B11 Brutal Transition Corner R
Tile thickness 12 cm
L: 1250 mm
B: 625 mm
Article Permability Grass opening Fillvolume (L/m2) Kg Technical sheet Technical specification document 2D 3D Sketchup
B1 Brutal Standard 15,58% 31,17% 33,06 172
B2 Brutal Speckled 14,29% 28,57% 30,96 177
B3 Brutal Border Length 7,79% 15,58% 16,53 195
B4 Brutal Border Width 11,69% 23,38% 26,50 185
B5 Brutal Border Corner L 5,19% 10,39% 9,84 205
B6 Brutal Border Corner R 5,19% 10,39% 9,84 205
B7 Brutal Transition 10,39% 22,08% 25,19 190
B8 Brutal Transition Border Width 1 9,09% 16,88% 20,86 195
B9 Brutal Transition Border Width 2 9,09% 16,88% 20,86 195
B10 Brutal Transition Corner L 10,39% 20,78% 24,01 190
B11 Brutal Transition Corner R 10,39% 20,78% 24,01 190
E3 Full tile

Strength class BC5 (According to PTV-126):
Suitable for light traffic, parking, occasional heavy traffic, fire roads, road widening

Our extra options

As an architect you choose the grass paver on the basis of the intended style of each unique project. Every client is different, every concept demands a different approach and interpretation. With our range consisting of 4 diverse motifs you can first outline a certain direction, and then vary it again according to your own creativity. With our concrete elements it’s also possible to leave room to incorporate trees or shrubs into the motif, so it can be developed fully à la carte. Your freedom of design is unlimited.

Discover all our advantages

E1 Greenery 2500

An attractive contemporary rounded shape for a playful design.


E2 Greenery 1250

A versatile concrete element for various applications.


E3 Full tile

An allrounder that suits a wide range of projects thanks to its neutral design.


Discover our filler possibilities

Deer gives you the freedom to choose from a variety of filler materials so that you can realise each project according to your vision. Whether you like a natural touch, a timeless texture or a contemporary look, our grass paver effortlessly adapts to your preferences. Choose a suitable filler material such as gravel, pebbles, (artificial) grass, etc., yourself and play with your design.

Own grass clamp
for easy installation

For a simple and smooth installation, we have our own grass clamp at our disposal. Experience effortless installation with our custom designed clamp, ideal for our Deer grass tiles. For more information about clamp rental rates, please contact our team.

Download our instructions for use here.